HARLOT: ‘Empty Words.’

HARLOT are a four-piece rock band from Newcastle. Formed in 2007, their heavy gigging schedule in the North East has resulted in a solid fan-base and earned them a reputation as a ‘must see,’ live band. 

‘Empty Words’ is their debut single (available as a free download through the band’s Facebook page ) and it definitely shows some promise – though if I’m honest I do think it tries too hard to mould the more classic and heavy rock sounds with a more modern sensibility. 

By that I mean musically, for the most part the sound is a great, bouncy mix of standard rock with chunky guitar riffs and nicely worked solos, accompanied by crashing drums and thunderous bass lines all leading to a resounding chorus. I’m thinking along the lines of Avenged Sevenfold and the like. 

But then, on the other hand, the vocal style is tailored more towards the style preferred by those popular pop-punk bands with emo leanings.

And, yes, I know this style is infinitely popular with the ‘download generation,’ but I just feel that the two styles are slightly incompatible and that HARLOT would be better served sticking to a more conventional heavy-rock vocal delivery. 

I guess by doing so the argument would then be that they just sound like a plethora of other rock bands out there … but I’d counter that by saying that talent will always find its true level, and HARLOT seem to have the mix of tools in their bag – ultimately it’s how they chose to use them that will determine the quality of their workmanship.

(Available now – July 2011 -as a free download.) 

(7 / 10) 


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