SOVIET SOVIET: ‘Summer, Jesus.’

 ‘Summer, Jesus’ is the latest EP from Italian trio Soviet Soviet. In quite a unique manner they fuse industrial dirt with more accessible emo punk. It’s a sound that is initially quite confusing on the ears as the base heavy intro certainly doesn’t prepare you for the eerie almost Pet Shop Boy-esq vocals. After making this comparison it stuck in my head and for the rest of the EP it was always on my mind. (You can’t keep a good pun down! – Colin) 

The real muscle in ‘Summer, Jesus’ is the instrumental. It’s dark and menacing with rasping guitars and ominous leading bass lines. The interplay between the instruments and the varying tempo are tidy. 

For a band singing in their non native tongue its impressive how clear and untainted by dialect the vocals are. That is the only positive thing I have to say about the vocals unfortunately. They are tinny and echoic as if it was recorded using a Dictaphone in an empty warehouse and it just doesn’t quite work for me. 

I understand Soviet Soviet have a reasonable following on the continent and I can only suggest that this is down to their live shows or perhaps passed releases. ‘Summer, Jesus’ is decent instrumentally but together with the vocals doesn’t quite knot together. 

(Available now on Tannen Records) 


Gary Moyes


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