SCAMS: ‘Helicopter Parents.’

 Back in May, I was kind of raving about this band’s ‘Lost For Words’ EP and so I naturally thought that writing the review for this follow-up would be a bit of a dawdle! 

But nothing’s ever simple is it? 

While ‘Helicopter Parents’ is a decent enough track, the truth is it lacks anything that would distinguish it or the band from a plethora of other songs / groups. Where the earlier release had a touch of the Vampire Weekend about it, this one I think sounds like a distant cousin of The Arctic Monkeys. So yeah, while the formula’s there for a strong single, it just comes across as a little bit too ‘safe’ for me. 

I still think SCAMS have that ‘radio-friendly’ sound that should endear them to daytime radio presenters both locally and nationally and I’m certainly not about to slag them off in any way as this track is ‘ok,’ and the previous EP shows that the band definitely have it within them. But in ‘school report’ terms, the words ‘… could do better,’ come to mind. 

(SCAMS have recently had some synchronisation success, with their tracks ‘Youngblood’ and ‘Jules et Jim,’ used in the new series of ‘Shit My Dad Says,’ and ‘Better With You,’ both shown on Channel 5 and Fiver.) 

The band are also currently running an amazing competition on their Facebook page which will offer fans the chance to join them as their VIP guest when they play the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, on 23rd September! 

(Released through Devil Duck Records on 22nd August 2011) 

(7 / 10)


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