THE LOUD: ‘Harris Shutter’ EP

That Liverpool band, THE LOUD take inspiration from the Psychedelic and Glam sounds of the Sixties and Seventies is indisputable. This is easily ascertainable from the opening bars of the lead single ‘Amy’s Gonna Get You,’ when the overriding guitar riff is straight from the Marc Bolan book of song writing. The pomp and stomp of the whole track is bound up in a vocal delivery that makes me think of a well-pissed up Alex Turner of The Arctic Monkeys! There is something distinctly ‘Friday night pub closing time’ about this one – especially with the big ‘La La La’ chorus. 

(It may not mean much to anyone else, but this opening track on the six track ‘Harris Shutter’ mini-album reminds me a little of a band from back @ 1986 – Imperial Drag. Yeah – I’m sad … but with a long memory!) 

Again, second track ‘Horror Scope,’ features a zippy, Bolan-esque ‘Born To Boogie’ styled guitar ‘hook’ while a couple of tracks later, ‘There’s a Bomb In The House,’ slows the pace, and plays on another ‘La La La’ chorus of the T Rex variety. 

‘A Little Taste Of Home,’ has a bit more originality about it. It still drips ‘Glam’ but with the sort of slurred-sounding vocals really pronounced allied to the steady stomp, it shows the band have a bit more up their sleeve. Similarly, ‘Avida Dollars,’ which incorporates a great guitar solo over the top of a deep and dark base.

Closing track ‘magic’ has a distinct Sixties feel to it – drenched in reverb and echoing a bit of a West Coast sound. 

Overall, this is an excellent debut and although any possible detractors may home in on the T Rex influence, it will certainly do for me! 


(Released through Payper Tiger Records on 1st September 2011)

(8.5 / 10) 


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