‘Evinspacey’ is the new album from Los Angeles based Cassettes Won’t Listen. Set apart from the usual suspects by its highly produced fusion of indie principles and synthesised electronic beats. It’s slick and cool, the type of heterodox soundtrack associated with trendy and chic bars and clubs. 

There are numerous genres brought together, digitalised and synthesised  into an electro mash up. There are touches of funk, house, techno of which I am no expert, so apologies for any technical faux pas. The songs are peppered with distant, eerie and almost backing-like vocals. Despite the fruitful abundance of lyrics they don’t make a huge impression throughout with the instrumental being the focus. 

Track two ‘Perfect Day’ is by far the stand out track in my opinion. Its more melodic and ambient with remnants of Morcheeba or Zero 7. The vocals are dry and chilling as the irony of the lyrics are laid down. 

‘Evinspacey’ is an enjoyable listen, quirky and technically astute. I don’t see it having universal appeal however. It doesn’t stray from its target scene, which is by no means a negative thing. Without being a fan of the scene you’re unlikely to take it in to your heart but on the flipside your unlikely to be put off. 

(Available now through Daylight Curfew) 


Gary Moyes


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