For some reason, THE TWILIGHT SINGERS have completely escaped my attention in the past. Perhaps subconsciously I’ve been mistakenly associating their music with the downbeat sounds of The Twilight Sad and immediately ignoring it as a consequence. Who knows?

But – everything on its merits …. although when I read on the Press Sheet that this album ‘…explores the thin line between life and death, mortality and immortality, resignation and celebration – that mythical moment when your life flashes before your eyes …’ I began to wonder if perhaps my intuition was to prove correct.

Well – no, not really as it happens. Yes, ‘Dynamite Steps,’ has its rather morose moments, but there is more than enough substance and depth to the music to prevent the record from wallowing in a great big, ever-decreasing groove of self pity and indulgence.

It is in fact, a really classy album – one of those that you don’t tire from listening to. It may not ingrain in your brain like say, The Ramones or Status Quo type albums would, but it retains a freshness, no matter how many times it is played. You are somehow not allowed to get too familiar with this album

An overall ‘dark’ impression is created throughout with the songs ranging from brooding and slow-burning ‘Last Night In Town,’ to the more maniacal rage of ‘Waves.’

Most of the songs on this eleven-track album however, build slowly to a crashing crescendo – my favourite ‘Gunshots,’ being a case in point. The anthemic choruses and guitars have something Coldplay / U2 / Radiohead all mashed up about them. Which is kinda weird because of these three bands only one of them comes out with anything near pass-marks for me personally, and yet I find ‘Dynamite Steps,’ strangely satisfying and fascinating.

Of course, main man Greg Dulli comes with some pedigree, having previously fronted Afghan Whigs and more recently joined forces with long time friend, Mark Lanegan in The Gutter Twins.

I may just have to investigate his back catalogue.

(Released through Sub Pop Records on 29th August)



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