STONESTHROW: ‘Judas or Rebel.’

 Ok – here’s the deal with STONESTHROW:



  • the band comprises two sets of brothers – Derek & Andy Murray, and Gary & Paul Smith;
  • they have been together over two years;
  • their music has been used in several TV shows on Channel 4, ITV1, Sky Sports and S4C;
  • legendary comic-book writer Mark Millar recently contacted the band relative to a new superhero movie soundtrack;
  • 21 TV stations / production companies showed interest in featuring their music in their 2011 / 2012 programming;
  • Ripcurl and O’Neill Sports have adopted their music in advertising campaigns targeting USA, Australia and Asia;
  • they have supported Glasvegas and played with Puressence in front of a crowd of 1400;
  • their My Space Player records more than 1 million plays and their ‘page’ has over 95,000 fans;
  • they are giving away 50,000 free downloads of their new single ‘Tear It Down,’ which is taken from this album;
  • they are from Glasgow;
  • I have not heard of them before. 

All facts! 

With such a glowing ‘CV’ I’m sure STONESTHROW are not overly concerned about what I think, so I’ll keep it brief: this is good, solid indie-rock that in my humble opinion lacks that ‘spark’ or something that would set them apart from a plethora of other like-minded bands. I don’t mean to be unkind, but that’s about it, really. 

I can understand why many of these tracks would be of interest as backing to some visual projections, but overall I just find it too ‘samey.’ But they’re from Glasgow, so I’m certainly not about to ‘dis’ their efforts – it simply doesn’t appeal to me. 

(My wife loves it though! Seriously – she even made a point of asking who was playing and read the sleeve-notes!) 

I’ll leave it there, shall I? 

(Released on a download basis through all major sites. Free downloads of the single ‘Tear It Down’ can be obtained through

(6.5 / 10)


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