zebrahead: ‘Get Nice!’

I think I’m a bit on the late side with this one, so you’ll no doubt have read about this album elsewhere by now – that’s the trouble with downloaded promos here at LOUD HORIZON ….  If they’re not in the pile of physical copies awaiting review, there’s the risk they get missed. 

Which in this case would be a great shame, because this is an excellent pop-punk album. It reminds me very much of a couple of holidays in Florida, driving along the freeways and listening to the local radio stations. This style of music was all the rage. It was everywhere.

That was eight or nine years ago! But American pop-punk ages well and I don’t get the sense of this album feeling ‘dated’ in any way.

I’ve actually seem zebrahead play live a couple of times. Their beer-fuelled stage show is so full of energy and they play just like a bunch of mates let loose to go PARTY! And ‘Get Nice!’ absolutely reflects that attitude.

Most songs follow the same formula – shouted / rapped vocals in the verses with huge sing-a-long punk styled choruses. Great big chunks of guitar riff are broken up with solid drum pounding. It’s a winning combination that will appeal to young and old fans and may even endear itself to the more commercial radio stations.

There is undeniably a resemblance to early Sum 41 in many places – but that’s a good thing if you’re into energetic, good-times music with a summery bounce. In fact, if you also factor in the best bits of Blink 182, then you’ve probably stumbled upon the hugely successful zebrahead template. 

(Released through Rude Records and available now – August 2011) 



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