THE VICKERS: ‘Fine For Now.’

 Tuscan four piece The Vickers hail from the birth place of the renaissance but ‘Fine for Now’ is far from the high brow cultural bounty you might expect. No inspiration from Da Vinci or Botticelli here. What you get is culturally polar, an album full of text book jangly Brit-pop which is more miners welfare than opera. 

Almost two decades have passed since the heights of Brit-pop but it still has a certain amount of undated charm. Most of the tracks are medium to fast paced with bouncy melodies and catchy hooks. Not a great amount technically going on but the simplicity gives it accessibility. 

Opening track ‘They Need To Dance’ is the best on offer. Its hard to pin down why I prefer this song. It has a cheeky tempo and shares a lot of qualities to Gone up in Flames (Morning Runner) or Don’t look Back in to the Sun (The Libertines). 

This would be right at home in Indie clubs up and down the country. It’s music to drink beer and chat up girls too. Its youthful and carefree. If any Libertines fans out there looking for a new fix you can‘t go too far wrong by giving ‘Fine For Now’ a listen. By no means a classic but you can’t fail to enjoy it on some level. 

(Available now through Foolica/Flake Records) 


Gary Moyes


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