Wow! It’s not often I’m really stuck for words when it comes to writing about music – as a quick look through the rather verbose reviews on this very blog will prove testament. But these five explosive and inventive tracks on ‘The Pits,’ (just about) had that impressive effect!

THE VENETIA FAIR are currently winding up their 2011 stint on the Vans Warped Tour of USA and there are no mugs allowed on that little jaunt! 

I just love this EP – for it’s excitement, for its energy and (despite the following ‘reference points’) for its originality. How would I best describe their music? ‘Slapstick Punk,’ perhaps? It’s hard to say – there’s definitely the energy and aggressive delivery of punk. But it’s not ‘punk’ in its conventional form. There are elements of manic piano playing like you’d get in the days of silent movies being played at the theatre to accompany the film. There’s a kind of ‘circus’ feel to the music – the Big Top perhaps having more influence than I first imagined, now that I realise one of the band’s earlier album releases is entitled, ‘The Circus,’ with tracks named such as ‘The Ringleader,’ ‘The Clowns and the Escape,’ ‘The Sideshow Tent,’ and ‘The Animals Tent.’ 

However, from what I’ve heard of hat earlier offering, I’d say ‘The Pits,’ is more dynamic and brash. There is still the sort of theatrical delivery the likes of Panic! At The Disco, but beautifully mixed with this is the rather camp, humorous and over-the-top magic of the brilliant Foxy Shazam. And on top of that, the vocals have the hardcore edge and screeched influence of say Leftover Crack!

Three completely different styles of bands, fused, savagely blended and fired out with a huge smile. 

It’s fun. It’s brilliant! It’s genius! 

(Released through Red Blue Records and available now – August 2011) 



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