BEYOND DREAMS OF GRANDEUR: ‘Beyond Dreams Of Grandeur.’

BEYOND DREAMS OF GARNDEUR are a five-piece, post-hardcore band from Birmingham. They have been on the go for almost two years and now release their eponymous debut EP as a digital download.

The Press sheet describes their music as ‘melodic hardcore,’ but I’m not so sure. I understand what is intended by the description, but to me this particular genre of music kinda leaves me cold. Maybe this is what happens as you get old and grumpy, but I just don’t ‘get’ music (not only on this EP), which revolves around a vocal style that is emo-centred, and amounts to wailing to lyrics that don’t seem to ‘scan’ properly. To me it is far from ‘melodic.’

The ‘hardcore’ part I have no problem with. In fact I particularly enjoy these injections, so much so that I think this is what saves this EP overall – though I’m sure there are plenty emo-kids out there who will vehemently disagree with me. 

The above paragraphs basically take care of the first three tracks. But what I find rather infuriating is that come the slower and quieter track four, ‘The World Loves An Underdog,’ you discover that vocalist Joe Morton can actually sing! This one has quite a different feel and mood to the others on the EP, and incorporates a cello to promote the initial pathos before it erupts into a bit of a hardcore fury right at the end.

This then dovetails nicely into ‘Sobriquet,’ with its huge guitar riffs that drop off to once again allow room for Joe’s vocals. And although edging on the rather pained tones of earlier tracks, they remain more on the ‘rock’ side than ‘emo’ and thereby held my attention throughout.

BEYOND DREAMS OF GRANDEUR certainly seem to be a band bursting with potential, but perhaps need to focus on direction a little more. For me, the final two tracks of the five on this EP would be pointers towards they should be headed.

(But then, I’m just a grumpy old man!) 

(Self- released and available from all major download stores from 12th September 2011) 



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