HERO & LEANDER: ‘Collider.’

‘Collider’ is the debut EP from London Based Hero & Leander. It’s soft and bouncy Indie rock which packs more of a tickle than a punch. It’s four tracks short and showcases the band range (apparently), but there isn’t a huge amount of variance between the tracks. 

They have been compared to Arcade Fire but in all honesty they are a fair way behind. Vocal duties are split between Emily Sills and Gary Cansell, the delivery being from the soprano end of the spectrum but sung in a sort of whispering shout. There is no real passion or emotion fed through the vocals and they fail to engage the listener. The melodies are pretty basic but enjoyable enough however they lack the sort of catchy guitar hook that will clock up the radio hours. 

The individual elements of each song are good in their own right but the arrangement leaves a lot to be desired. Take title track ‘Collider’ for instance, the vocal styling is quaint and dainty but the tempo is a bit to fast and bouncy and the two just don’t sit well together. ‘Kettle’ is probably the best track on offer, the different aspects fuse more harmoniously to produce a more rounded final product. 

‘Collider’ is kind of half way between Sigor Ros and Arcade Fire, but the blend doesn’t really work for me. On a positive note there is plenty of potential on show and as long as there is a light across the Hellespoint strait there is a future for Hero & Leander (one for the mythologists.)

(Available now through LAM records)


Gary Moyes

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