DANA JADE: ‘Little Sister.’

Back in February of this year, I reviewed what I thought to be a double-A-sided single from DANA JADE. One of the tracks was this one, the other being what I suggested may have been a better version of M.I.A.’s ‘Galang.’ 

So I’m a little confused as to why this particular track ‘Little Sister,’ is now appearing as a single in its own right. 

Here’s the background: DANA JADE (pronounced Day-na) grew up amongst the soca and reggae of tropical Trinidad, and spending her summers listening to the fuzzed out sounds of Riot Grrrl and Grunge in New York. A few years ago, she relocated to London and is now carving a niche for herself with her part purr, part growl, vamped style of vocal delivery.

Here’s the deal: when I reviewed the earlier ‘double-A-side’ I was well taken with the ‘Galang’ track. It offered something different although it reminded me of a more commercial sounding Benji Webbe of Skindred. However, this is what I commented with regard to ‘Little Sister,’ and I’m afraid I have no reason to change my stance: 

‘However, while ‘Galang’ marks Dana out as being a little different to the majority of current female solo artists, the second track ‘Little Sister,’ is less distinguishing. It’s a good little rocker all right with a nice danceable beat and a lovely little reggae-based breakdown towards the end, but I’ve kinda heard it all before.’ 

The video for ‘Galang’ was selected for the Arcadia retail screen network around the UK and it is expected that the same accolade will follow for ‘Little Sister.’ 

Here it is: 

(Released through Priestess Records UK on 26th September 2011) 



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