Now, I’ve got to say that I’m more of a ‘Trekkie’ than Star Wars buff, so don’t shoot me if I’ve got this wrong – but isn’t it towards the end of ‘Return Of The Jedi,’ where we witness the battle between Luke and Darth Vader on some kind of bridge within the Death Star? Well, this five-track mini album from Bristol’s SPECTRES is just like that particular bridge in that it spans the gap between the light side and dark side of indie / artrock. 

By that I mean, in my own clumsy way, is that these songs differ from those of my other favourite bands in this general sphere in that if you tone down the bass lines, this could conceivably pass as a more chilled shoegaze effort. You know what I mean – the likes of She’s Hit, The Gaa Gaa’s and The Murder Act are broadly cut from the same cloth as SPECTRES, but their overall mood is darker and heavier. Which I guess means that the latter’s prospective ‘acceptance’ market will perhaps be that little bit wider, as they effectively cover more bases, if that makes sense.

But it’s not a competition is it? I’m not meaning to ‘compare’ the bands, but merely emphasising the fact that despite the obvious and likely frequent ‘same breath’ mentions as early Sonic Youth, SPECTRES have certainly found a spellbinding middle-ground that will appeal to hardcore feedback freaks as well as enticing the more discerning and adventurous ‘commercial’ listeners keen to seek out new noise. 

God! Sometimes I write a lot of words without saying much at all! Bottom line is that I love this shit! Here’s the EP in its entirety. It’s the future!

(Released through Howling Owl on 26th September 2011) 



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