PIATCIONS: ‘Senseless > Sense’

 PIATCIONS are a four-piece band from Domodossola in Italy. They previously went under the name of THEE PIATCIONS and last year released the four-track ‘Time’ EP that scored a 9/10 on this very site. 

The three individual tracks on that EP (the other was an extended mix of the title track) are included n this album and that’s perhaps why it sounded so familiar when I first played it without referring to the track listing. 

But rather than breeding contempt, familiarity on this occasion brings a comfort. It’s true that ‘Time,’ ‘Singapore Mon Amour,’ and ‘As Seen Through A Telescope,’ still strike me as amongst the stronger of the nine tracks that span a total of about three quarters of an hour – which may just be pushing the attention span of the listener a touch. (Just saying….) 

In general, the album falls into the Psyche mould, but on the lighter side in that it encapsulates a bit of a shoegaze feel, with heavy psychedelic influences bursting through. In fact, when listening to the album opener, ‘Red Van,’ you’d be more inclined to class it as Space Rock. Tell you what: if you got together early Stone Roses with early Charlatans and Clint Boon dropping by occasionally, and kept them all in a darkened room for a few weeks, feeding them only on magic mushrooms, then this could just be the resultant sound! 

‘Senseless > Sense’ is all about trippy vibes; rolling, hypnotic drum beats; psychedelic, fuzzed-up guitar freak-outs; Sixties styled harmonies and lashings of reverb that all blend into a huge swirling wall of noise. 

Overall, I love this album although I probably couldn’t argue any criticism of the length detracting from the potential impact. 

(Released through I Blame the Parents Records and available now – September 2011) 

(8.5 / 10)


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