SQUAREHEAD: ‘Yeah Nothing.’

 Californian surfer rock now comes in Irish form thanks to Squarehead and their debut album ‘Yeah Nothing‘. It’s a regression to the early 60’s with very little trace of musical progression over the past 50 years.

The sound is extremely outdated,  like a bunch of Beach Boy B-sides. The vocals are sung in an American accent and are extremely monotonous.

The tracks plod along with little identity and there is no progression throughout the album. The tempo is practically the same on every track which very quickly becomes tedious. The arrangement is basic and doesn’t inspire any sort of good vibrations. 

Having listened from start to finish numerous times trying to pick out some positives all I managed to do was  frustrate myself. To my ears there is nothing authentic, original or inspiring about ‘Yeah Nothing’, perhaps other will disagree but that’s the beauty of opinions. 

(Available 19 September 2011 through Richer Collective) 


Gary Moyes

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