WATERS: ‘Out In The Light.’

 Leaving behind former band (Port O’Brien) and their moderate commercial success, Van Pierszalowski returns with his new band WATERS and their debut album ‘Out In The Light‘.

Oh and the band name has to be spelt in capitals apparently, not sure why. 

Opening track ‘For The One’ instantly had me reaching for the volume control to find the optimum balance between clarity and volume. The distorted, fuzzy guitar riff accompanied by the grainy wailing vocals has a narrow window in which it is audible (If your listening on a car stereo anyway.) 

The sound is raw and under produced but this is the only thing that sets it apart from the masses of generic Indie bands filling the airwaves. 

As the album progressed I found it increasingly difficult to ‘listen’ too as it gets a bit bland and repetitive. The individual tracks are enjoyable enough, just not very memorable. After a dozen listens from start to finish I don’t think I could recite a single line. 

The track to look out for is ‘Abridge my Love’, it has a dynamic stop/start arrangement with pop riffs intertwined and a subtle hints of the Pixies. 

‘Out In The Light is a good collection of Alternative/Indie tracks but does little to set itself apart from the crowd. It’s enjoyable but instantly forgettable, the kind of songs you only listen to when your Ipod is on shuffle. 

(Available 19 September 2011 through City Slang) 


Gary Moyes

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