ORIENTEERS: ‘Orienteers.’

I try. Honestly, I try ever so hard. 

And here’s me thinking I have quite an eclectic taste in music – but I just can’t get into this particular style of shoegaze type stuff. Well, actually Ottawa based band ORIENTEERS describe themselves as a ‘space-folk’ band, but I think (well … I know) that my dislike for anything ‘folk’ orientated far outweighs my genuine fondness for space-rock. So maybe therein lies the reason for my feeling unable to comment on this album.

The band was formerly known as That’s The Spirit, and their debut album, ‘Staying Places’ received much critical acclaim. They opened for the likes of Flaming Lips and Metric and played all over Canada. 

But wasn’t it a fellow Canadian, Shania Twain, who famously sang, “But that don’t impress me much?” (Honest – I just know that fact from somewhere … my ‘eclectic’ musical tastes don’t really extend in that direction either!) 

Anyway – praise where due. I know for sure that while this is just not my cup of dreary tea, there are many, many people who will like this album. (They need to get out more if you ask me!)

So in the interests of fairness, here’s what the Press release says about this eponymous album from ORIENTEERS

ORIENTEERS– a self-proclaimed ‘space-folk’ band – hail from Ottawa, Canada. Not your typical party town, nor the place you’d expect sounds like this to come from. Maybe the Netherlands, with all those peaceful purveyors of gentle melodic folk. Or maybe The Deep South, if it were on some sort of acid: pedal steel guitars looping; deceptively lazy, almost psychedelic songs of travel, love and escape slowly melting your speakers. 

That’s precisely what ORIENTEERS do better than anyone, creating mellow, sparse, fragile and simple songs that somehow channel the gentler sides of Yo La Tengo, Sparklehorse and Japancakes, with the choirboy-style harmonies of Simon and Garfunkel or even The Byrds. 

It’s ‘make your mind up’ time! 

(Released through Antique Room on 30th September 2011) 



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