I guess us because we listen to so much new music from new bands that we generic ‘reviewers’ stand accused of pressing the ‘play’ button, sitting back and with a rather blasé attitude simply expecting, nay demanding to be entertained or at least impressed by the ensuing emitted noise. 

And it’s probably this attitude that’s affected my judgement of this debut album from Bristol punkers, EVERYTHING WE LEFT BEHIND. 

Now, don’t worry – I’m not about to slag this album off, especially as these guys have shown a steely determination to reach this stage in the face of various setbacks. Punk’s my thing. But it is difficult nowadays to hit on an original sound. It’s difficult to stand out – to create and own your wee slice of the genre. 

This is where I see EVERYTHING WE LEFT BEHIND. The album gets off to really promising start with ‘Generica.’ It’s fast and furious, spurred along by some frenetic drumming and thumping bass, and you can instantly see why the Press Sheet mentions comparisons to Captain Everything. I have lost count of the number of times I saw the Watford triumvirate play back in the day, but it would I think be fair to say that they were far more effective in a ‘live’ environment than on record. Likewise, I think the same point may prove valid for EWFB. 

You see, right throughout the eleven tracks, I found myself drumming my fingers and frantically nodding my head. The rasping vocals and aggressive delivery is right up my street, but I did find it difficult to retain any one particular song in my head, as they all seem just a little too similar. Good, but similar. 

Without doubt, EVERYTHING WE LEFT BEHIND are a band to look out for, and I’ll surely be among those down the front if they play locally. The album shows lots of promise, but maybe there could be a little thought given to more variation. 

(Released on a digital basis on 3rd October 2011) 

(7.5 / 10)


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