THE KUSH: ‘Aniseed.’

This is the debut single from a Newcastle act who will be releasing their first album later on this year. 

‘Aniseed’ is actually a pretty exciting sounding song – the slow burn start perfectly gives way to a jangly guitar-line which is pretty reminiscent of Franz Ferdinand until Dan Clark’s husky vocals kick in and give it a more regular-rock line to follow. 

Lyrically there isn’t much of note going on here – the impression I get is that witty wordplay and deep thoughtful prose wasn’t really a priority – but the inclusion of Sax player Johnny Davis in the band’s regular line-up manages to add an extra dimension to the music without being distracting. 

The second song on this disc, ‘Loose Lips’, is like a throwback to the B-Sides of old in that it sucks. Generic and plodding, I hope that it isn’t indicitive of this band’s further material because that’d be a damn shame. 

‘Aniseed’ though, is a strong-ass effort. I like it. 

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Kenneth John Porteous

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