This is the second release from Los Angeles five-piece, LETTING UP DESPITE GREAT FAULTS. Their eponymous debut (not released here in the UK as far as I can make out) appeared a couple of years ago and was greeted with much critical acclaim. The six tracks that comprise ‘Paper Crush’ are set to elicit a similar response.

Probably the best way to describe LETTING UP DESPITE GREAT FAULTS (at least if you know your Glasgow venues!) is to say that they are a sure-fire ‘Captain’s Rest’ band. For those unfamiliar with ‘The Rest,’ it has fast built a reputation for showcasing classy, arty and quality bands from UK and beyond; bands without gimmick and baggage; bands for whom the music matters most. (Let’s just see where LUDGF play if they come to Scotland – bet I’m right.) 

Of course, by the time they reach these shores, their popularity could conceivably have soared beyond the slightly restrictive confines of The Captain’s Rest. That wouldn’t surprise me.

Once this mini-album reaches the stores, I’m certain it will create an awareness that will see LUDGF gain a burgeoning reputation amongst those who enjoy upbeat, chill-wave / nu-gaze, or whatever the current term is for this brand of music. 

Each of the six tracks evidence a relaxed approach, although they still retain that alluring bounce and energy. The absolute highlights are to be found mid-album in the glorious and infectious ‘Teenage Tide,’ and the following ‘I Feel You Happen.’ The former is attached below in all its video glory, so I’ll say no more – except that if I were to be stuck on a desert island with ten tracks of music, I’d quite possibly have nine of my favourite punk songs …… and this one! (It’s got handclaps!) 

‘I Feel You Happen’ starts out slowly, but soon blossoms into a gently frantic track full of quiet feedback, infectious beats and incessant bass lines, all of which are draped by the distinctive hushed vocals of Mike Lee. 

Elsewhere, we are treated to songs that remain on the right side of ‘twee,’ will have the ‘shoe-gaze’ crowd confused as to how their feet are involuntarily moving, and yet retain a certain calmness and exclusiveness that would discourage any prospective mosh-circle instigators! 

It’s just classy, right? Pure and simple! 

(Released through Hit or Heist Records on 24th October 2011) 



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