DOWN THE MACHINE – ‘Know Your Place.’

 First off, I have to apologise for being a few days late with this one – I got my dates mixed up and thought it wasn’t out for a while. 

This is the second single from Leeds quartet Down The Machine and the first since they were signed by Ambicon Records late last year. Ambicon have already released the band’s EP ‘Let You In’ and prior to joining up with the label,  the band put an album out themselves,  ‘Losing Faith’. In the interest of full disclosure, I will say that I haven’t heard any of the band’s material other than the single. 

‘Know Your Place’ is one of those tracks that is what it is. There’s nothing particularly striking about it. In fact, it sounds a lot like other stuff you’ll have heard a lot before, without providing an obvious comparison point. This is the kind of non-nu metal rock song you heard a lot from bands circa 2001. 

I will say this for it though: I had to listen to it a lot for this review and the tune certainly embedded itself in my head and I suspect it may be there for a while. However, this could well be down to Stockholm syndrome. 

(Released through Ambicon Records and avaliable to download now.) 


Kenneth John Porteous

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