Ask me what current, and seemingly very popular band sends shivers of dread through my body. Go on. You wanna know? Pendulum, that’s who! Can’t stand ‘em! I just can’t see what all the fuss is about. 

The Press Sheet that accompanies this EP states that ‘I Am Human’ comes ‘packing a heavy punch, with contagious cuts, commanding synth work and boundless energy.’ It also describes the music as ‘Hi –octane Electronicore.’ 

It all sounds kind of familiar and I fear the worst as the opening few bars of synth / keys lead me reluctantly into ‘Rate My Hate.’ 

But …..oh mercy! Thank you God! This is not what I was expecting. Within seconds, the screamed vocals hit. Hardcore style. Yeah, the synths are still in evidence and they indeed propel the song along at a pretty frantic pace, but it’s the vocals that steal the show – not just the lead role, but also the backing which vary from a strong, ‘straight’ melody to harmonic gang-shouts. It’s a really nicely balanced combination and works a treat! 

‘Untitled’ differs quite considerably in that it is more guitar-based with chugging riffs interspersed with dual vocals and gang-shouts. There is a little synth passage towards the end that links the vocals to a short guitar solo, and again this works ever so well. 

‘Great And Inevitable (Change)’ is probably the most commercially acceptable track of the four – one that would (or at least should) attract some decent daytime radio airplay. It does again rely on the vocals / backing package, but I hear lesser bands (my opinion) getting touted for inferior tracks. 

‘Untitled Part Two’ either shows a lack of imagination in the song-title department, or I’m missing something! It doesn’t as far as I can hear, relate directly to the earlier ‘Untitled,’ and although there’s no denying the catchy refrain, it does feature a bit too much of the dreaded swirling synths for me. Sort of ‘Enter Shikari,’ perhaps? 

I’ve never seen these guys play, but can imagine their shows being dramatically illuminated with lots of dry ice billowing across the stage. The crowd (and there most definitely will be ‘crowds’ and not just ‘audiences’) will be ‘young’ the average age say, under twenty-two? (Am I right?)

If not, I should be! I think OURFAMOUS DEAD could go well given the right breaks. 

Nice one!

(Released on a digital basis only from 14th November 2011) 

(8.5 / 10) 


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