THE HAZEY JANES: ‘The Winter That Was.’

 Despite being together for over eight years The Hazey Janes are perhaps one of the lesser know and more underrated Scottish alternative/Indie bands. This could be attributed in part to their enforced hiatus during the legal ramblings surrounding their ‘Hands Around The City’ album recorded in 2007, confined to legal exile and never yet to see the light of day. 

Back in their hometown of Dundee and with a less elaborate production team attempt number two at their third album yielded ‘The Winter That Was‘. 

It skirts between power chord laden contemporary rock songs and more rhythmic Indie pop songs.

There is no lack of musical prowess on show, alongside the traditional four piece set up are harps, mandolins, violas, saxophones and trumpets to name a few. 

The opening track ‘Cascade River Gardens’ is an instrumental followed by the pop rocking ‘Carmelite’ which set my expectations for the remainder of the album. I was a little disappointed that the tempo and energy would never reach these heights again. 

The album softens off and it progresses and the last few tracks feel a bit disjointed compared to their predecessors and it’s a bit of a stuttering finish.

Overall it is a good listen and fans of Biffy Clyro or Belle and Sebastian will feel some affinity to ‘The Winter That Was‘. 

(Available now – November 2011) 


Gary Moyes

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