MY TINY ROBOTS: ‘Guild Of Defiants.’

Just as LOUD HORIZON is about to turn its sleepy head towards hibernation, this single from Edinburgh based ‘oddpop’ quartet MY TINY ROBOTS drops through the letterbox. Fortunately, the weather has not yet turned cold enough to induce my proposed period of torpor and so, despite the track title instantly making me think ‘Biffy Clyro,’ I give it a spin. 

Good call! This little gem would possibly make my Top 10 singles for the year …….if I could ever be arsed to compile such a thing. 

What qualifies it thus? It’s hard to say, actually. Maybe it’s the simplicity? Maybe it’s the rhythm of the guitar loop that has me quite errantly chanting ‘On A Rope, On A Rope’ in a Rocket From The Crypt fashion? Perhaps it’s because it reminds me of early Orange Juice / Edwyn Collins. Or is it simply because it reflects sort of chic artrock styles promoted in the best music journal around? 

(Artrocker Magazine, stupid!)

More often than not, when an accompanying Press Sheet drops in the headline acts with whom the subject band have ‘shared a stage’ I simply dismiss the claim as vacant and meaningless. Frequently this just means the promoter expects ticket sales to be slow and so drafts in the services of a local band with a decent local following. 

On this occasion though, and purely on the evidence of this single, I am prepared to believe that MY TINY ROBOTS were offered support slots on the basis that their style and standard complimented the likes of Young Knives, The Maccabees, Dum Dum Girls, Minus The Bear the 1990s and the (magnificent) Blood Arm. 

(Released through Woodthief Records on 14th November 2011) 

(8.5 / 10)


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