SIMON BISH: ‘All Aboard With …’

 I seem to recall reviewing an earlier album by SIMON BISH a couple of years back. It must have been when LOUD HORIZON appeared in a different format, as I cannot find a copy of what I said, but I’m thinking it would have been reasonably positive (otherwise I doubt Simon would have bothered sending a copy of this, his latest album!) 

‘All Aboard With …’ prompts thoughts of similar styles, but it’s difficult to compare how Simon may have moved on as an artist as my filing system is crap, and locating the earlier submission amongst hundreds of others would prove frustrating, time consuming and very possibly futile. 

So here, in the new (improved?) succinct LOUD HORIZON style are my thoughts on ‘All Aboard With …’ 

Firstly, don’t place too much stock on the videos below. I don’t feel they’re properly representative of the music, which to my mind would be better served in a more ‘trippier’ and psychedelic fashion.  

Musically, the album is unashamedly ‘poppy’ in its demeanour. The jangly guitars are distinctly Nineties, while the harmonies fall back on the Californian sounds of the Sixties. It’s altogether a very pleasant listen – quite inoffensive and actually hard to dislike.

Has it enough ‘balls’ to allow it to stand out as something different? Probably not, but if like me you sometimes appreciate a little light interlude from the noise and intensity of punk and hardcore, then you could do worse than check this one out. 

(Released through Pop Noise Records and available now – November 2011)



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