Essex five-piece OUR PEOPLE VERSUS YOURS are set to cement their burgeoning reputation for producing incendiary Metalcore with this, their third EP release.

If you like your music hard-hitting and heavy, but not just so brutal that sitting too close to your speakers would have the same effect as shaving with a cheese-grater, then ‘Lights’ will do the job just nicely.

Now, there are Metalcore bands … and there are Metalcore bands. Whilst I like a lot of what’s around at the moment, I’d have to concede that many bands sound much of a muchness – there’s nothing to really distinguish one band from another. However to their credit, OUR PEOPLE VERSUS YOURS do offer just a little bit more than most. 

Sure, the bulk of their music centres around the hardcore, screamed vocal style you would expect from a band of this ilk, but it also occasionally flirts with the more contemporary wailed (sorry, I can’t think of a better way of putting it!) delivery favoured by many of the current crop of young bands who fuse pop, teen-angst and even electro-dance influences with the more traditional hardcore delivery. 

(I can’t say I’m a fan of this latter style, but thankfully it’s kept within reasonable proportions here and the bulk is still pretty hard-hitting.) 

With the incorporation of at times, an almost anthemic feel to the choruses (prompting thoughts of 30 Seconds To Mars, a band I’m actually – and rather surprisingly – growing to like) OUR PEOPLE VERSUS YOURS dare to be different. 

And pretty damn good, as a result! 

(Released through all digital outlets on 21st November 2011) 



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