WASTED SINNERS: ‘Unleashed & Dangerous.’

 Without a shadow of doubt, ‘Unleashed & Dangerous’ has to be my favourite Rock-based album of the year! 

Yeah – of course there are loads of quality Hardcore and Alt-Rock bands out there who have released material in 2011 that would top many a ‘Best of’ list, but for me, this re-working of WASTED SINNERS’ debut (mini) album just about pips them all! 

WASTED SINNERS are a four-piece sleazy Rock band from London. They’ve been around for about three years in total, but following a series of personal setbacks ranging from bereavement and relationship breakdowns to financial problems, they decided upon taking a bit of a hiatus. Now however, they are back with a bang. A pretty loud bang! 

What I like about this album is the simplicity. In these days of manufactured, auto-tuned and seemingly cloned bands / artists who use electronic gadgets and pre-recorded effects to produce their anaemic sounds, it’s so refreshing to hear a band who get up there and play some excellent, honest Rock and Roll! 

There are no pretences hidden away on this one. It’s just balls-out Classic Rock played with a bit of a scuzzy attitude. It’s all ‘feel good’ music with I feel, a touch of Glam – but not so much as would distract from the sounds. 

The vocals are strong and powerful, but actually sung as opposed to the current trend towards growled or screamed styles. OK – so in places there is a bit of an Axl Rose echo with track three, the more down tempo ‘Questions’ being a prime example. And yes – ‘I’m Falling’ has me thinking of classic Aerosmith. Strangely though, although I am by no means a fan of either of these two particular bands, I really like these two songs, the latter being an absolute ‘stadium rocker.’ 

In fact, although of a slower pace than elsewhere on the album, ‘I’m Falling’ probably typifies WASTED SINNERS in that they play well within themselves. Roxx’s vocals are rock solid and Gary Dainty’s guitar solo stops well short of being self-indulgent when it would have been so easy for both to over-stretch in trying to impress.

The riffs throughout are strong and infectious, while the rhythm section of Dude Rock and Pete Sin drive the whole thing along with a steady and forceful determination. And of course as decreed in the School of Rock handbook, each of the six tracks have resounding, air-punching, sing-a-long choruses.

I tell you what – these guys raaaawk!

(Released through all major digital outlets on 12th December 2012)



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