THE PLIMPTONS: ‘Christmas All Over This Town.’

 Aye – well, the ‘Holidays Are Coming’ Coca Cola advert’s been screened for over a week now so I suppose I can justify including this one. 

It’s perhaps not de rigeur to like Christmas songs, but me ….. I love ‘em! Especially when they’re like this – fast, fun and tailor-made for accompanying a beer-fuelled party! 

I know it’s not really the ‘true’ meaning of Christmas that’s reflected on these three tracks but let’s be honest, it’s the time of year that town centres the length and breadth of the UK are filled with staggering party-goers …. and Glasgow punks THE PLIMPTONS are the ‘go-to’ guys to provide the soundtrack! 

Title track ‘Christmas All Over This Town’ is a seasonally chimed punk ditty, celebrating the breakout of camaraderie endemic at this time of year. Of course, where you have THE PLIMPTONS, you also have beer. And pubs. And a paaarty! This one’s gonna warm your little toes!

Having myself experienced ‘Christmas In Motherwell’ on five occasions, I know where they’re coming from in the frantic second track. The sound of Slade being played out of shop-fronts in Brandon Parade (shopping arcade) in September is not far from the truth!

Final song ‘Christmas Is Over’ is the least festive sounding of the three tracks as it reflects on the aftermath of several weeks partying. It’s a bit loud for a hangover cure, but adequately conveys the rather empty feeling we all have when the normality of regular life returns in early January.

I love Punk. I love Christmas. I love THE PLIMPTONS!

(Released through 16Ohm Records as a free download fro the band’s website at from 5th December 2012)



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