WHEN WORDS FAIL: ‘Eyes On Everything’ EP

This five-piece from Swindon have not been around long, but they are already garnering a fair bit of national recognition for their energetic blend of melodic,  hardcore rock. 

Title track ‘Eyes On Everything’ sets the stall out and shows what WHEN WORDS FAIL are all about. Strong, at times ever so slightly rasping vocals soar and dip with the tempo, which induces mood changes throughout the song’s four minutes or so. The guitars are slick and the chorus is eminently catchy. However, the frequent changes in tempo leave me a little frustrated in that no sooner do I get involved with the gang-shouts an’ all, but the pace drops leaving me hanging somewhat. 

‘Over Again’ is more to my liking. Propelled by some frantic drumming, the fury of the guitars and rhythm section is incessant. This one is straight-up, balls-out rock played with an intensity to match many of the band’s peers. 

However, it’s the third and final track ‘Something For Nothing’ that appeals most. Perhaps starting out like the preceding song, it soon changes into something so much more commercially accessible. The riffs are stronger and more forceful, and the vocals through the verses is tending towards (but not quite) a rap-metal / hardcore delivery, which then morphs into a melodic but still dynamic chorus with excellent backing harmonies.

For my money, this should be the lead track as it’s the one that would most likely attract some radio airplay. It’s more ‘user-friendly’ than the other two and I would imagine will appeal to a wider cross-section of listeners. 

Although perhaps not offering anything particularly groundbreaking, this three-track EP would certainly point to an excellent, sweaty night out at one of their shows, and will certainly be well appreciated by fans of the likes of Funeral For A Friend and A Day To Remember et al. 

(Released through all digital outlets on 12th December 2011) 



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