(The following article was written for ARTROCKER MAGAZINE, issue #114, October 2011)

Listening to the refreshing, clean and varied sounds on ‘Coloured Clutter,’ the debut album from London’s The Savage Nomads, it quickly becomes apparent that here is a band whose music, despite the array of influences, is distinctly ‘uncluttered.’

“The album, I think is testament to our record collection; to our parents’ record collections,” explains vocalist / guitarist Cole Salewicz. “The music, I like to think, doesn’t sound like any guitar music coming out of the UK in past ten to fifteen years. We drew influence from everything really. Billy (drums) for instance is very much into dub and reggae; Joe’s (guitar / vocals) really into IDM – artists like Four Tet for example, but can play everything from Metallica to Megadeth, while Josh (bass) is a big Charlie Mingus fan although we initially bonded over The Clash.”

“It’s all about incorporating these different rhythms and guitar sounds”

For his part, Cole initiated The Savage Nomads as a three-piece with Josh and Billy in early 2008.

“At that point it was predominately really stripped down, spoken-word pieces with me more or less reciting poetry over a bass-line and drum ‘cause I wasn’t so nifty on the guitar! But that’s an element of the music that’s continued, we’ve just expanded upon it. That’s how I write all the songs – initially they all come in poetic form and are then developed in rehearsals with the whole band involved in the melodies.”

Cole is aware that The Savage Nomads’ distinctive sound is like likely to divide opinion:

“I have absolutely no problem with that. I like to think we’re provoking thought – it means we’re doing a good job. I think people succumb to music these days that doesn’t really challenge anything that’s come before. It’s all a follow-on to what’s gone previously, which is kind of depressing. We’re quite aware that we’re not a ‘Vaccines’ type band with verse / chorus, verse / chorus structures and as a result will have to graft really hard, build up a following and get the name out there over a period of time. I don’t see it as being and overnight sensation if you like.”

But with the likes of Mick Jones (The Clash) actively championing their cause, and arguably this year’s best debut album from a British band now under their belt, The Savage Nomads may have complete control over their career opportunities sooner than Cole expects.



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