A WORLD DEFINED: ‘Welcome In This Feeling’

Not exactly known as a hotbed of musical talent, Derby has been dwarfed by its Midlands neighbour Leicester (not that it’s a competition) in terms of musical profligacy so it was a welcome sight to see an offering from residents ‘A World Defined’

Bringing their own angle to the post-hardcore scene the band have self recorded their debut EP ‘Welcome In This Feeling’ which is accessible on the band’s website from the 6th of February. 

The cover art automatically makes me think of shoe-gazing or indie pop but those thoughts are dashed after 6 seconds of the first song, ‘Welcome to the Barrow (On Top of the World)’. Beginning with sparse chord strumming the song crashes into pounding drums and heavy guitar riffs grabbing attention straight away and holding until the song ends 3 minutes and 30 seconds later. 

The EP feels a polished and coherent effort throughout, with A World Defined using tempo changes and shift in noise to create an energetic and lively affair with some cracking tracks (my personal favourite is ‘Internecine’) that overall feels like a well put together and purposeful EP.

The band have compared themselves to ‘Alexisonfire’ and ‘UnderOath’ however there is a unique sound thrust into these tracks that is appealing and enjoyable and should find a nice home among hardcore/metal/punk fans alike. With the energy the band have managed to craft onto this EP I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some broken and bruised bodies strewn across dance floor’s around the country when their tour is conducted’ 

(Self-released and available – FOR FREE – now through the band’s website here.)            


                                                                                                                           (Adam Jones)


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