THE TWILIGHT SAD: ‘No One Can Ever Know.’

 Glaswegian four-piece The Twilight Sad return with the second LP No One Can Ever Know, taking progressive steps in establishing their brand of alternative Indie rock.   

In a rather bold move No One Can Ever Know redefines their core sound with heavy use of synthesizers throughout. It certainly isn’t a simple progression from their first album Forget The Night and more of an evolution. 

From start to finish there is a threatening intensity. Like a sense of anger building, probably helped in part by the James Graham’s celtic vocal styling. No one can sound quite as aggressive as a Glaswegian but it is refreshing to hear a singer sing in their own dialect. 

Each track is a unification of different instrumental elements which themselves are perhaps not overly technical but pulled together are greater than the sum of their parts. You aren’t going to hear any stand out guitar or drum solos: that is not what this album is about. It’s about creating atmosphere through good arrangement and a less-is-more type approach. 

No One Can Ever Know takes The Twilight Sad in a new direction. A move away from guitar based to a more electro inspired sound. It is a bit out of left field but I think it works and can compliment their previous releases.

(Available now)


Gary Moyes

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