MaLoKai: ‘Heart Beats.’

‘Heart Beats’ is the new EP from young power-pop quintet, MaLoKai. Released on Nameless/Faceless Records on February 13th, this new offering is sure to delight their growing fan-base.

 A band seemingly built around fun music, it would be easy to lump MaLoKai in with the multitude of bands currently plying the pop-punk/emo trade. However, where certain bands have often looked to build a darker image, it would seem these five are happy to entertain at all costs. Not a second goes by in these six songs without a thunderous drum roll, incessant chug or a delicious lick. The style of vocals may be a little Marmite in flavour, but for fans of You Me At Six or Kids In Glass Houses, their sound is likely to please.

After a brief intro, you’re propelled headfirst into ‘Rumours’, a classic chunky slab of rock, complete with resplendent key changes, guitar noodling and an infectious chorus.  No sooner has it finished then ‘Heartbeats’ powers into view, a brief second after the opener’s climax. Although the two tracks are similar in style, the title track feels more focussed and it takes a far heavier route to a similar destination.

A theme appears to be developing early on, but the band serves up a surprise – a cover of Jessie J’s number one: ‘Price Tag’. For me, this song has been done to death about four times over already, but it’s a clear indicator of the band’s easy-going attitude, although the spoken word rap which cuts in half way through may be a step too far.

The remaining songs offer more of the same, ‘Young and Dumb’ is a feel-good anthem, with the obligatory call-and-response section, quiet middle eight, and guitars set to overload. ‘You’ feels like an epic, despite being under four minutes long – offering massive solos and impassioned vocals in equal measure. Closing track ‘What’s Inside’ steals the show though. Possessing the best verses and the catchiest chorus, it’s as good an introduction to the band as any.

Though MaLoKai aren’t ploughing a new path for them-selves, their music is a must-hear for fans of the genre, and their carefree style gives you the chance to bounce around without a care in the world, if you like that sort of thing.

(Released through Nameless / Faceless Records on 13th February 2012)

 ( 7/10)



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