THE MIXUPS: ‘Your Side.’

Well – it’s different; I’ll give it that! I’m just not too sure what to make of it all!  

This young Glasgow band (named after the 10p sweet mix-ups you used to get at school) have received national airplay from the likes of Mark Lamarr on Radio2 and Radio Scotland’s Jim Gellatly. They have also secured high profile support slots with the Bluetones, The La’s and Supergrass. So they’ve obviously got something.  

Whether that ‘something’ is specifically relevant to today’s market, I’m not sure either. The three songs on this single are all bouncy and chipper, with a distinct hint of cheesy Seventies pop shining through on the opening track, ‘Your Side.’ 

Now – I’m of an age when I remember a song from early in that decade called ‘The Pushbike Song.’ It was recorded by a band called The Mixtures. And the similarities don’t end with the band name. Both employ a distinct, plodding beat with banjo, bar-room piano, and tight harmonies. I don’t know whether it’s a good thing or not, but it comes across as bit of a ‘novelty’ song to me. Pleasant and fun in it’s own right, though. 

Where You Belong’ still has a bit of a vintage feel to it – this time adopting a cantering Western refrain. Think Jake from The Blues Brothers singing ‘Rawhide.’ Think of Glasgow based and Loud Horizon faves, Le Reno Amps.  

‘Double Or Quits’ sounds more contemporary. Good quality Indie guitar standard. The guitar here is clean and clear in the Dire Straits style, with vocals slightly rasping but melodic. Perhaps this should be the lead track – maybe that was the intention when the word ‘shit’ has been blanked out from the chorus?)  

Anyway – it’s good for what it is and although the band would obviously like to be taken seriously, I’m still not sure the tracks should be. 

(Self-released and available now through I-Tunes, Amazon etc..)    



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