Is it a Venn diagram that you used to draw at school? You know – the one that involves maybe three circles that overlap? Yeah – that’s the one:

So – draw your three circles, and name them ‘Pop- Punk, ‘Rock’ and ‘Dance.’ Now, see that bit in the middle where the circles all meet? Insert the words ‘SHOOT THE DEAD.’ You got it. 

That’s pretty much where I see this particular single (says the man who failed his Maths higher twice and was kicked out of Music class after second year with a condition now widely accepted as ‘hard of thinking.’

This is the second single from Brighton unit SHOOT THE DEAD and although perhaps not exactly my bag, personally speaking, I can see this appealing to a great many people given the right exposure. 

The video for the lead track ‘The Rage,’ features below, so you can see for yourself just how accessible this song is. However for me, it is the second track ‘Hypnotised’ that commands most attention. This would be more cup of tea. If it’s mathematically / geometrically possible this song seems to somehow expand that area in common with all three circles, by increasing the size of the ‘Rock’ and ‘Pop-Punk’ while still retaining a portion (albeit smaller) of that tagged ‘Dance.’ 

I don’t ‘do’ ‘Dance’ music as you may already have gathered so bands like The Prodigy and more so Pendulum leave me pretty cold – and quite nauseous in the case of the latter. The synths make the sound just too sickly for me, and while this feeling is quite diluted with the overall mix of genres in ‘The Rage,’ Andi’s vocals take a harder and rasping edge on ‘Hypnotised,’ and consequently act as an aural antidote. The integration of a brass section also offsets the zippy sound of synths whilst the chorus is catchy, and combined with the Wham-esque drums the whole track is instantly more commercially accessible. 

Maybe I’m talking bollocks …… this type of music is not exactly my forte (no shit, Sherlock?!) but I’d certainly suggest that SHOOT THE DEAD are a shot in the arm for a rather stagnant and sterile commercial / chart market.

(Self-released and available through all major download sites from 26th March 2012) 



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I run three blogs: 1) (my author blog.) 2) (my business / dog walking blog) 3) (my music blog .. infrequent posts) Guess what? I'm a dog walking, wannabee author that loves music.
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