RAGWEED: ‘That’s Where Babies Come From.’

 Brighton has over the past decade or so, built a reputation for spawning new, innovative, quirky artrock type bands. Indeed, some of my favourite bands have their roots in the sunny environs of the South Coast town. 

But where you have a more balmy, temperate climate and a fertile ground for cultivating bright new music, these conditions will also encourage the growth of a less attractive, more irritating and aggressive type – RAGWEED

This three-piece DIY punk band seems to be a thorn among roses. There is no denying them their space – not that they need much of it with only the third of the five tracks (‘Sunshine’) hanging around for anywhere near as long as three minutes! 

There is a certain quaintness (if such a word can be used relative to punk music) about the CD that arrived here at LOUD HORIZON. It seems to embrace the DIY ethos, with the sound quality somewhat distant and hazy, like it’s been recorded in someone’s kitchen. Initially, I found it to be a bit annoying, but it actually somehow seems right.

In general, the songs are like a combination of your three chord ‘cretin rock’ bands (e.g. Teenage Bottlerocket) and the more threatening noise of some generic hardcore bands. It’s all pretty fast and furious and with five songs in marginally more than eleven minutes, RAGWEED sound like a band in a hurry. 

It just goes to prove that even in the field of music, where you have flowers you have weeds. But perhaps they can grow together in harmony – or even discord! 

(Self-released and available, I presume through the band directly.) 

(7.5 / 10) 


About Cee Tee Jackson

I run three blogs: 1) ceeteejackson.com (my author blog.) 2) leadingpetcare.com (my business / dog walking blog) 3) loudhorizon.wordpress.com (my music blog .. infrequent posts) Guess what? I'm a dog walking, wannabee author that loves music.
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1 Response to RAGWEED: ‘That’s Where Babies Come From.’

  1. Mandy Lord says:

    Think your crit is a tad unfair. I’ve listened to the track and been on their website and LOVE “Sunshine”. Don’t agree that the EP sounds like it was recorded in someone’s kitchen – no sounds of kettle, pots and pans or anything else, just raw electric rock. Wish they were in my kitchen.

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