SILVER ROCKET: ‘Old Fashioned’

The album title perhaps gives an indication of what to expect. The Press Release maybe reaffirms this:

‘No attempts to pretend they are inventing a new sound, or to disguise what they love in brand new shining gift boxes.’ 

And this honesty is reflected in an excellent debut album. 

SILVER ROCKET are a three-piece band from Ferrara in Italy, with a very evident interest in 50s style ballads, post-punk and 90s Indie music. More specifically, it would seem that The Jesus and Mary Chain have featured pretty highly in their personal playlists. 

From the instant the key changes a few seconds into the opening track ‘The Worst Is Yet To Come,’ and the thumping floor-toms kick in, I just know I’m going to love this album! Already there are shades of Glasgow’s finest peeking through, although it’s perhaps a little faster in pace and the vocals have more of a generic ‘Goth’ feel about them. 

The Getaway’ pares back on the more frenetic pace a little, but the overall impression is still very much created by the drums and driving bass. ‘Saturate’ takes on more of a late Seventies punk anthem, with the vocals delivered in a kind of drunken slur. The band may be based / from Italy, but the diction on this one is distinctly ‘London.’

‘Indifferent’ speeds things up again, scattering out the speakers to assault your aural senses like a post-punk machine-gun attack. ‘Walk Out That Door’ would seem to have its roots in Fifties Rock ‘n’ Roll ballads all right, but it carries a bit more menace about it than your average Ricky Nelson! 

Elsewhere, ‘Failure And Disaster’ deploys some swishing guitar effects over the top of a slower-paced rhythm section before the five and a half minutes of ‘Static’ kicks off, sounding like an Oasis / Jesus & Mary Chain collaboration, mixing the clean guitar runs with deep vocals and slow, deliberate, almost tribal drumming. (You can actually sing the words of ‘Sidewalking’ through the intro of this one!) 

‘Untitled’ is probably my favourite on the album. The rhythm is so infectious, you just can’t fail to drum your fingers / tap your feet. The guitar gets a mighty thrashing as it does in most of the tracks, but it’s the rhythm section again that makes this one work so well. 

There is a bit of an odd, off kilter rendition of Frank Sinatra’s ‘That’s Life’ which shows SILVER ROCKET are maybe not as dark as their other music may suggest, before the album finishes with ‘The Target,’ which again is redolent of a less reverb-entrenched Jesus & Mary Chain. 

Yup – they certainly do as they say on the cover. They do it well. And in fact, their own description may just be doing them a little disservice. 

This is good stuff!! 

(Released through Mexican Standoff Records and available now – March 2012) 



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