DAMN JAMMAGE: ‘She Drowned.’

This is, I think, the third DAMN JAMMAGE single / EP to be reviewed here on LOUD HORIZON and with each such mention it becomes more and more difficult to come up with something original to say. 

I think I peaked too early in the superlatives department! 

So, at the risk of repeating myself, here goes:

DAMN JAMMAGE are a ’blues come folk come punk’ type band. Ok – so you say there are a few of these ‘types’ around. May be. But they don’t all sound quite as deranged as these guys. They don’t all (any) feature a lead vocalist who sounds like Tom Waits on speed – a vocalist whose gruff, rasping delivery is beautifully offset and complimented by dulcet female harmonies. There’s no getting away from it, it’s the vocal duo of Danny Rapscallion and Jasmine Daniels that give this band their unique sound. 

Of course, it’s not all about them. The backing is upbeat, bouncy and yet more than just a little sinister sounding. It’s as if there was something in that slice of cake that provoked a bad trip for Alice when she attended the tea party in Wonderland. 

And now I’m stuck – here’s the video! 

(Self-released and available on a download basis from 19th March 2012) 



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