I have absolutely no idea about the title. Thought I’d just get that out the way right from the off. Apparently it means something to the band, but they’re not letting on. Perhaps it stands for: The British Dyslexic And Arithmetical Correctness Association? 

THIRTEEN are from London / Cambridge and produce a noise like you’ve probably never heard before – unless you’ve caught Glasgow based Super Adventure Club play. The title track is like some mad, spazz-jazz freakout, interspersed with progressive guitar rants that rise, fall, stop, start, and move every which way! This makes it sound like it’s all over the place – and I guess it is, but after a few listens it starts to make a bit of sense. It’s kind of like some progressive rock band from the Seventies mixing it with a more contemporary Math rock band in a jam session at Ronnie Scott’s. 

The other two songs on the release are remixes of tracks lifted from the band’s debut album, ‘Degraded Jazz Tones’ which came out in 2010. 

The first of these, ‘Pandora (Regraded Version)’ is built on a ska base … but it sure ain’t a ska track! Again, all sorts of influences are called into play, with a sort of free-form jazz being the most obvious. Having said that, there are also some big ‘classic rock’ riffs thrown into the chaos as well as some funky bass – and metal-core style screaming! 

Fly By Worlds’ starts out slowly and gently, with only the brushed drums giving a semblance of jazz. But there are over five minutes to this track, therefore plenty time for it to develop. Which it does, of course! A little jazzy bass line follows a manic scream at the halfway mark and is then joined by a fuzzy guitar line, again with shades of the Seventies. This one is not nearly as mental and busy as the others, and if I’m honest, much as I like the other songs, this one is probably my favourite of the three. 

There’s no getting away from it – this one is not for the faint-hearted. Nor is it for those who like their music neatly packaged into little bite-sized chunks of conventional harmonies and choruses. 

But if you just keep an open mind and give it a chance ….. 

You may have to actively listen to these songs but please do make the effort. It’ll be well worth it, I promise! 

(Released through Milky Bomb Records on a digital basis from 26th March 2012) 



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    Dog Has Become Cold So I Am Without Dog ?

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