I know I keep emphasising the first word of this blog’s title as being a prerequisite to inclusion, but there have been a couple of notable exceptions over the past few years. Lizzyspit and Charlotte Eriksson are two that spring to mind. MAZ TOTTERDELL is now another that can be added to my little list of what I guess amounts to ‘guilty pleasures.’ 

This album is not one that I would reach out for every day and play, but that’s not to say a crusty old punk like me can’t appreciate talent when I hear it. 

On first listen through, there were a couple of tracks that stood out straight away: the opener, ‘Counting My Fingers’ for example. ‘Lazy Day’ is another. As is ‘Smile On Sunshine.’ And ‘Little Puzzle.’ Each of these are simple acoustic guitar and / or piano, handclaps and lovely dulcet female vocals, perfectly harmonised and sung with a gentle vibrancy. 

Even some of the slower tracks like the beautiful ‘Kaleidoscope’ and ‘Willow (Angel Child) are not off-putting. The latter is listed at track number seven from ten – a point by which I would normally have pressed the ‘eject’ button, and yet I was still somewhat transfixed and mesmerised by the combination of atmospheric violin and summer-breeze soft vocal delivery. 

What amazed me most about this album however, is that when I read the Press Sheet after first playing the CD, I discovered that not only are all songs written and arranged by MAZ herself, but she is still in her early teens ….….  and has already had quite extensive airplay on Radio 2 and Radio 6 Music! 

Yes, I’m sure there are Folk influences at play, but somehow they seem more palatable on this album. And, no, it’s still not really ‘my scene’ but it’s an album I will pop on the player in say, a year’s time and proudly boast to pals that I was ‘brave’ enough to recommend it to the discerning readers of LOUD HORIZON before the name of MAZ TOTTERDELL became regarded as ‘household.’ 

(Released through Series 8 on 28th May 2012) 



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