The tried and tested relationship of ska and indie has been a long and fruitful one and with spring on its way there should be plenty of both blaring out from all radio stations. 

LITTLEMORES’ ‘Idle Idols II E.P’ could easily sit amongst some of the already established artists that seem at home when the sun is shining. 

The talents of these five men haven’t escaped the big boys such as established ‘lad rock’ outfit The Twang and Indie pop outfit The Holloways for whom they have provided opening support And for good reason, as I imagine fans of both these aforementioned bands would get a kick out of seeing LITTLEMORES, with their blend of acoustic and danceable tracks. In fact, I would say most people could listen to ‘Idle Idles II’ without feeling offended, even their promotion team say ‘music…for a multi-tasking generation, even your mum will like it!’ 

Whilst statements like that are likely to turn many potential listeners away it is true that the tracks on this E.P could sit alongside the likes of ‘The Courteeners’ or ‘The Paddingtons’ (if only) on radio playlists. 

The E.P kicks off with ‘Femme Fagin’, delivering what you’d expect when you hear the term Indie rock band, offering the listener plenty of opportunity to join in when they’ve learnt the words, which are accompanied by catchy riffs all round. After listening to this song for this review I found myself singing the chorus (not difficult but, if evidence were needed that this song is infective). 

The E.P continues with the first offering of the ska side of ‘LITTLEMORES’ on ‘Charlie Blow’, the second being fourth track being ‘Larry’. Both are energetic affairs providing plenty of opportunity for skanking and brass band impressions if one is so inclined.

These songs inject fun either side of acoustic ditty ‘For The Lads’, which is carried by arpeggio guitar and prolonged brass notes, presumably a bashing to someone from their hometown of York or the recent surge of lad culture in general.

EP closer ‘Idle Street’ moves back to opener’s ‘Femme Fagin’s’ indie rock roots with no sign of trumpet or sax until the relaxed breakdown at the end of the song when a more driving force escapes the speakers. I would highlight this as my favourite as it has more layers, and more to offer than the rest on the E.P. 

Overall I’d say that these boys know what they’re doing and have created a very listenable E.P in ‘Idle Idols II’. However LITTLEMORES aren’t breaking barriers with this sound and are hardly carving a niche out for themselves. 

For fans of aforementioned Courteeners or Paddingtons or indeed The Rifles, Milburn, The Jam etc., this could be happily enjoyed but for me, I prefer my indie with a bit of an edge. 

(Available now – March 2012) 




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