DECIBELS: ‘The Lesser.’

 It’s much easier to put in a CD with optimism when the artwork accompanying and covering the CD is interesting and sharp, as is with the two track E.P ‘The Lesser ‘ by DECIBELS.

 After meeting at a rave and becoming increasingly discontent with what they were hearing (what it was I’d love to know) DECIBELS were formed to bring a well needed kick to the Northampton scene, that was lacking ‘decent enough acts’ to play the nights they initially put on.  Forging four synths and a guitar together DECIBELS set out on a mission.

Initially beginning as a bedroom act composing remixes for bands that ‘should know better’ the band chopped in guitars, amps and desperately scraped cash together to transfer their bedroom work to the stage and after crafting their sound, presumably put it to disc with this effort.

The E.P kicks off with their title track ‘The Lesser’. Beginning with arpeggio synth, layered with chords and vocals and adding stabbing guitar until just shy of a minute, it feels that everyone quickly becomes involved. The song is carried by a simple yet powerful drum beat and some effective synth that immediately conjures a beat more than adequate to nod your head or shuffle your feet to. It peaks by combining harmonies and catchy lyrical deliveries from lead vocalist Stuart Bruce before breaking down only to crash back in with renewed vigour even after such a small pause in auditory assault. The outro for me provides the best ‘noises’ that are produced on the track with bass heavy notes that I would have preferred to have played a bigger part in the track as a whole.

Second track, and closer, ‘Turn From The Light’ begins with delicate vocals spliced with dissonance from keyboards which creates a feeling of twinged hope. The song gradually builds until it morphs into a pop track with repetitive yet hooky lyrics, twinkling synths and ‘Beach Boy’ harmonies (their words; but can someone please tell everyone that just because you harmonise it doesn’t make a song ‘ Beach Boys-esque). The song culminates to a wall of noise before letting sparse synth and effects laden vocals to close.

As with any two track E.P its difficult to get a feel for the band or the direction they are going but things look positive for ‘DECIBELS.’

 I don’t know if they are enough to kick start an electronic revolution in Northampton but they are certainly good enough to escape the abyss.

(Out now – March 2012)




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