TWISTER: ‘Twister EP.’

 TWISTER are a four-piece pop-rock band from Durham. Having played together for around six years, they have pretty much got it sussed. High energy, melodic rock with big hooks – it’s not rocket science, but it still works and pulls in the punters. 

‘Satellite’ opens the EP. It’s a catchy, punchy, poppy little rocker which kind of sets the tone for what’s to follow. ‘Charlie’s Fallen,’ I believe was previously released on its own merits. It zips along but with little tempo changes before the chorus. Perhaps it overstays its welcome a little, being over five minutes in duration. But good enough!

Watch Over You,’ didn’t quite have the same initial impact as the others for me. It sort of smarts of a band perhaps trying too hard, and the vocals I think suffer a little for it. That said, there is still that big gang-shouted chorus to look forward to.

Chicago 69’ is the closer. From the outset, you know what you’re going to get – big ‘Whoa whoa!’ choruses, chugging riffs and strong sing-a-long vocals. This is probably the most anthemic of the four tracks on offer, and I reckon a real raucous crowd pleaser when played live. My favourite without a doubt …. and possibly should have been the lead track? 

Right now, to me TWISTER sound like a good (OK – I could probably extend that to ‘very good’) ‘local circuit’ band. How they are perceived outwith their geographical comfort zone will define how quickly they progress, and likely influence what direction their music heads from here. With their UK tour support slot with Matt Lonsdale coming up at the end of March and a short tour of their own in April, we shouldn’t have long to wait. 

(Self released and available now – March 2012) 



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