ISOLATED ATOMS: ‘Illuminate.’

 Hailing from the Black Country and following a successful stint in the United States, Indie rocking four piece Isolated Atoms have found time to release their debut EP, ‘Illuminate.’ 

It is twisted and menacing Indie-electro rock but is let down by the largely Americanised vocals. As debut EPs go it is promising but by no means memorable. The guitar riffs are catchy but the arrangement is under produced and bordering on repetitive. 

The press release which accompanied ‘Illuminate’ directed me toward track three, ‘Perception’, with the alluring promise that it would whisk me away to the blissful nirvana one might have experienced whilst watching teen vampire flick ‘Twilight.’ Making no bones about their mainstream aspirations from the outset is off-putting and disappointing. I mean, is ‘Twilight’ considered cool among anyone out with the demography of a teenage girl? 

My gripes about the shameless name-dropping aside, it is actually the best track on the EP. It kept my attention longer, the twanging guitar almost had my feet tapping at one point and the vocals are a bit more grungy. Again though, the vocals sung in an Americanised accent had my teeth grinding. 

All in all I might sound a bit negatively charged (pah – atom joke!) But, it’s more frustration at what should have been a cracking EP being let down, in my opinion anyway, by a few ingredients. After successful gigs in the legendary Whisky a Go-Go among other places, there appears to be much love for Isolated Atoms. Perhaps they are just one of those bands you love or .. ..don’t love? 

(Available now – March 2012) 


Gary Moyes


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  1. at least youre talking about them mate!

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