missdavinalee: ‘It’s A Love.’

 Oh ‘eck! I’m not so good at writing about music that does nowt for me!

Now there are people out there who will love this. There are people who will not. And then there are people like me who are left with absolutely no opinion at all. That’s right, I’ve decided to sit firmly on the fence. 

Well, to be honest the fence is a bit rickety has possibly seen better days and is leaning towards the ‘dislike’ side. 

Look – this is just not my scene at all. The ten tracks (forty minutes) are pleasant enough to be playing away in the background, but with possibly a couple of exceptions there is nothing here that would prompt me to stop what I was doing and properly ‘listen.’  

I would file ‘It’s A Love’ in the ‘electro-pop’ category for those looking for a broad-brush description. And to be fair, it opens quite promisingly with ’Alison’ and its catchy little synth hooks bedding well with the soft, hushed vocals of Davina Lee Cooke. 

Shake’ is worth a listen – it’s got a bit of ‘attitude’ about it, with Davina’s vocal delivery a lot more edgy and the incessant drum beat moving the song along at a brisk pace. There’s even a little bit of a punky feel to this one which may have moved some commentators to draw parallels with Blondie – though I don’t see it myself. 

Come On,’ is another that warrants favourable mention – it’s dark, dirty and scuzzy with Davina’s vocal delivery wavering from arty-shrieks to rock-chic and back again. There’s a stomping beat breathing life into the track and more of this and the aforementioned ‘Shake’ would have accrued a more favourable reaction from this particular blog. 

Regrettably though, I have to be honest and say that I find the rest pretty insipid. It’s inoffensive and ‘OK’ but just not very exciting. 


(Released through Smooth Exchange on 30th April 2012) 



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