It’s been a while since I’ve had the pleasure of listening to a new release through the wonderful Jezus Factory Records. This is a label that doesn’t compromise its beliefs and continues to deal in music that others may find, well …. let’s just say, a little offbeat! 

This particular venture though is a joint effort along with another two labels – Triplejump Records (who look after SILENT FRONT) and CYTCYB Records. 

It is Jezus Factory’s charge, A CLEAN KITCHEN IS A HAPPY KITCHEN, (a three piece from Belgium, Netherlands and Scotland) however who kick off this splendid split 10” EP. ‘Molasses For The Masses’ may just be one track, but it manages to encapsulate several musical genres throughout the various phases of its eight and a bit minute existence.

The initial three minutes of quiet space-rock inspired effects morph seamlessly into something altogether more of a psych ilk, with searing guitar solos playing over the top of a dark underbelly. Without noticing, this then transforms into a bit of a spazz-jazz freakout for the final three minutes when it sounds almost like a free-form jam with the drums somehow trying to follow the spontaneous lead of the discordant guitar. Pretty cool! 

Tracks two and three are provided by UK band SILENT FRONT. These are more conventional in their make-up, if you like – but a lot more spiky and aggressive. This here is ‘Tactic A.’ 

Plunder’ is along similar lines really. Hardcore punk shouts, crashing cymbals and fraught guitar. Basic stuff really, nothing fancy or innovative, but oh so good! 

(Released through Jezus Factory Records / Triplejump Records and CYTCYB Records on 7th May 2012) 

(9/ 10)


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