ACTIONS! : ‘South Of The Water.’

 Well – I’m glad I do a little bit of background research before writing up these reviews! Had I not, I would have been banging on about this excellent ‘debut’ single from this female-fronted power-pop / rock four-piece. (There is some conflicting information to suggest that they did actually digitally-release an earlier track called ‘Devils Words,’ but then recognition of that fact would bugger up my ‘intro.’)

However, it now seems that this will be the last single from ACTIONS! as they have decided to disband due to ‘personal commitments.’ It looks very much like the decision was taken half way through a UK wide tour, with the Scottish leg being dropped at short notice, so hopefully all is as well as they say on their Facebook page. 

Although some of the band have played together since school, ACTIONS! as a band have existed only since the latter half of last year. During their short lifespan, they have played support slots to the likes of the magnificent Skindred, Inme, and Not Advised. Then, at the start of this year, they entered the studio to record this single with John Mitchell producing – he who has worked with Enter Shikari, The Blackout, Funeral For A Friend and others.

 I wouldn’t normally mention all that bumph, as it doesn’t necessarily make a good band great, but in this case I think it illustrates the potential that was recognised by some shrewd local promoters and those within ‘the industry.’ 

And I think I’d agree. ACTIONS! have (sorry – had) something fresh and unique about them. Vocalist Emily Cracknell has a sort of ‘classical’ delivery at various points and is more Amy Lee (Evanescence) than say Hayley Williams (Paramore.) However, what hooks you into the two songs on this single, is the interesting juxtaposition of such styled, high pitched dramatic vocals with the chugging, tight rhythms and melodic rock (with little pop-punk nuances) of the three lads. 

It took me a good few listens to actually ‘get it’ but ‘get it’ I eventually did.  But that’s me all over – late to the party again! It’s a shame that this little review, for what it’s worth, gas turned out to be more of a tribute. 

Still – that’s Rock ‘n’ Roll for ya! 

(Released on a download basis from the usual outlets on 21st May 2012)   



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2 Responses to ACTIONS! : ‘South Of The Water.’

  1. I think you’ll find it was produced by myself at a home studio in Essex.

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