THE RAG n BONE MAN: ‘One Man Band Brutal Trash Blues.’

I’ve got this one filed in the ‘Blues’ section, but in all honesty, it’s going to scare the shit out of your traditionalists. Maybe THE RAG N BONE MAN is the instigator of a Blues sub-genre, along the lines of the very accurately descriptive EP title? 

THE RAG N BONE MAN is indeed a ‘one man band,’ based I believe in Montrose. Each of these four songs were recorded by Lew Palgrave who played all the instruments from harmonica to kick drum and provided the vocals. 

It’s pretty mental stuff! Not for the faint of heart!

Opening track ‘Savage,’ explodes with dark harmonica riffs and a stomping beat. The vocals are shouted, angry and distorted, almost drunken sounding like they’re being uttered by some mad jakey wired up on White Lightening or the like. The slide guitar kicks in, the distortion vanishes and what we have here is something that sounds akin to a jam with Captain Beefheart and Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band. 

‘Junkie In The Phone Box’ is a rage about a woman with kids who succumbs to the ‘habit,’ with devastating effect, prostituting herself to get cash for her next fix – just so happens she was the ‘first love’ of the singer when they were at school together. Not really your typical mushy love-song, then. 

‘Working Class Warfare,’ is full of wailing harmonica, thumping beats and those distorted, shouted vocals again. Final track ‘Sunnycidal’ is about as close to a ‘conventional’ song you’ll get here. It does break down into a maelstrom of slide-guitar and crashing cymbals but there is in amongst it all, a discernable harmony and song structure. It’s different from the other tracks and every bit as good, but in a different kind of way. 

I love Blues music; I love the rage of hardcore music; I love music that’s ‘different.’ This ticks all the boxes. It’s manic, it’s loud and it’s feckin’ excellent! 

(Released on a download basis through THE RAG n BONE MAN and available now!) 



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