THE LUCKY STRIKES: ‘Beast Burnt Down.’

 They say you should write about what you know – which is possibly where I fall down and THE LUCKY STRIKES score!

Coming from the Thames Delta of Southend-on-Sea, the five-piece Americana band tell the story here of their town’s pier famously burning down on 9th October 2005. Previous songs have related to the man who killed Blues singer Robert Johnson and the story of a boxer who descends into madness after taking a bribe to throw a fight.

Now, I know all songs tell a story (of sorts) but it seems to me that THE LUCKY STRIKES are particularly adept at relating fact and considered thought through their music where many bands rely simply on emotion as the stimulus for writing.

This may sound a little on the ‘heavy’ and ‘high-brow’ side, but ‘Beast Burnt Down’ doesn’t actually come across that way. I would say however that it definitely fits my preconceived notion of ‘Americana’ by virtue of the narrative coupled with the array of instruments that seem to be at play here. Most prominent in this folksy / bluesy track is the Hammond organ which combines with the violin / fiddle. There may even be a piano-accordion mixed in there, but you’ll appreciate this is not my normal listening material, so I may be a touch confused!

Whatever, given the subject matter this is a surprisingly jaunty little track which somehow also conveys the drama and anguish of the event through the increased intensity of the chorus and the crying violin.

(Digitally released on 21st May 2012)

(7.5 / 10)


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